Sirens - Dizzee Rascal [Juxly RMX]


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Jan 3, 2012
Nottingham, ENGLAND
No way I remixed this too! Good job though. I like the vibes but it kinda sounds like 2 completely different things. Like you've made a track and then just slapped the vocal track on top. Also at times the vocals go out of time with the beat. Still, decent track and I especially liked the glitchiness towards the end.


Nucleoid Drum & Bass
Dec 20, 2011
Haarlem, Netherlands
Haha funny you remixed this, I always hear it in some mix I listen to often.

Proper remix anyway, sounds quite good. Could use some EQing here and there on the main synth, to make space for the vocals.
This way you don't have to put the volume of the vocals this loud, and that would get the drums out a little more.
Nice varations, too. Keep it up!
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