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a. Sure Vision
‘Sure Vision’ is the latest release from the Sinuous Records crew. Limewax the producer of ‘Sure Vision’ brings a unique sound and this tune is definitely not for the faint hearted.

Max Anokhin aka Limewax was born in Russia and now lives in Holland, still only 17 he is definitely one of the most exciting young artists to come out of Europe this year. Limewax is already releasing tracks on Technical Itch, Obscene, plus remixes with other big names. He is generally holding his own and creating an unusual style of pure sickness. Limewax’s tunes are reminiscent of dark sci-fi landscapes with skull cracking breaks, dirty twists and disturbed bass licks that hit you full in the face. Without doubt Limewax is one to watch for this year, we wil have to see what the future brings for him.

aa. Aresenic - Devils Rage
Breaking free from the underground and elevated from the depths of hell comes the combination of Indiana’s Point of reference and Tek Infection, otherwise known as ‘Arsenic’. These two producers first got involved with D&B through two different spectrums. Influenced by the likes of Nine Inch Nails and Tech Itch, their latest tune ‘Devils Rage’ is causing outrage, uproar and chaos across the D&B world. They have been getting respect from Panacea, Resonant Evil, The Upbeats and Corrupt Souls. The future looks bright for Arsenic with upcoming releases coming out on Outbreak, Hate and much more!! Watch this space!
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