Sinuous Records // 07 Exclusive News - Release - Audio Info

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    Sinuous Records // 07 Exclusive News - Release - Audio Info


    Sinuous Records
    sin014 - Promos out now
    Masheen -a. Scammers / aa. Earth Shock

    We at Sinuous Records are very pleased to announce the forthcoming14th release with Masheen as he returns to Sinuous imprint with his first solo 12” single on the label

    The atmospheric string effects keep the tension building, with it's tight percussion and haunting vocal leaves you feeling slightly paranoid. Filtered militant and pounding beats are unleashed with a torrent of intense technoid style. B-lines that rumble alongside industrial, hypnotic techno which will attack your nervous system. This is a fine display of production skills. Grab this single up NOW!

    a.a Earth Shock
    Another tension building track only this time it has dramatic, cinematic strings and futuristic beats that left us wondering if it's from another planet. Soft percussion rides edgy techno stabs, topped with hard punching beats and unbelievable edits along with insane driving bass-lines. Watch out, this tune is sure to cause serious damage on the dancefloor.

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