Sinuous Audio 003 Available now on Digital Download

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    Available now on Digital Download
    Sinuous Audio 003
    a. Switch technique & Ca2k - Dist Hopes / aa. Yabol - Event Horizon


    a. Switch technique & Ca2k - Dist Hopes
    An eerie intro leads you into a clash of heavy drum programming that
    will have you twitching your feet within seconds. Hosting an array of
    epic sounds that build all the way up to the drop, with dirty ripping
    reece basslines that will have you quaking in your boots. This one’s
    sure to keep the dance floor moving.


    aa. Yabol - Event Horizon
    Abstract percussion, layered with ghostly effects makes this lengthy intro
    well worth the wait for the filthy, punchy beats that this tune delivers.
    Breaking down into rattling sub-low bass that is techy yet minimal.
    Pounding mid's that will twist yourmind as well as your soul.
    Next level production!

    The cost of downloading each track will be as little as 75p up to £1 per track. Secure,
    legal, hi-speed, high quality downloads in MP3 format on a pay per download basis.

    All Sinuous back catalogue is available on digital, as well as limited vinyl
    from all good record shops and digital distributors.

    SA001 a. Yabol - Catapult / aa. Pylon - Assembly line
    SA002 a.a. Dereck feat RAE - Megahertz / aa. Soccom & Tamas - Methbugs