Sinseer (Sleeveless, Konspiracy Group, LA): Divine Huntress Mix


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Aug 12, 2003

Matrix and Danny J/cant stop/Metro
DJ Ron/slowy, surely (jill scott rmx)/white
The Insiders/Talk About/Frontline
Dusk Til Dawn/Moving on/L Plates
The Insiders/Feel the Music/Renegade
Dark Soldier/Ghosts/Dread
Zinc/Freenote/True Playazzzz
Pollen/13 Ghosts/G2
JB/Back 2 Basics 73 (b)
Total Science/Turtle Wax/Renegade HW
Dillinja/Wolf rmx/Ebony
Baron/Speed Demon/Renegade HW
Twisted Individual/Beef Dripping/Grid
Vectorburn (Friction rmx)/Not Promised Tomorrow/Critical
Future Prophecies/Vaccume/Subtitles
DJ Abstract/Empryean Eyes/New Identity
Pieter K/Under the Radar rmx/BBS
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Affilations: Sleeveless, Mirror Minded, CSL, Integration
Style: Love Step: deep and funky drum and bass

Southern California native Corinne Regan, a.k.a. Sinseer, has been DJing seriously for the past four years, taking on the task of setting crowds on fire at the tender age of 17. From the start, Sinseer considered DJing the art of moving body and soul, trying to uplift crowds with her powerful and versatile selection of Drum & Bass. She has even trademarked her unique style by calling it “Love Step” and defining it as the music that makes you move furiously, moves you to intense emotion, or suggests you reflect on your fondest or most heart-wrenching of memories.

Early in her DJing career, Sinseer worked at San Diego music super store, California Sound and Lighting, where she really developed a fetish for vinyl, made many close friends and contacts, including DJ Chaostica, one of San Diego’s most talented up-comers, and received much recognition and support for her talent.

In the fall of 2001, a mix CD entitled “Under Pressure” sparked the interest of DJ Oddjob of Vancouver, Canada and quickly made her a member of the newly formed Integration Recordings. At this same time, Sinseer made a crucial move in her DJ career by transplanting to the city of San Francisco. Her soulful sound was well received, and shortly after the move, she was asked to join forces with local crews Halflife and Sleeveless. She has rocked parties such as Enthusiasm (Cardiff, UK), Dragon Lounge and Deep (San Diego), Rinse (Phoenix, AZ), Database and Substance (Los Angeles), and other club nights and one-offs along the West Coast, as well as made several appearances on Vibeflow internet radio. You may have seen her perform alongside such artists as High Contrast, Rob F and Impulse, Kemal, Raymond Roker, Reid Speed, Elektra, R.A.W., and others.

Her time in SF was well spent, but you can now find Sinseer residing in Los Angeles, closer to her family and ready to go full speed ahead with school and music. So, watch out for Sinseer and fellow crew members, representing nationally and internationally with continuous plans for tours and events, with Ultra-Violet a.k.a. Eva and Les Femmes Fatales putting in much hard work to keep the scene moving forward in SF and Chaostica doing her part for SD. She’s also very eager and excited for future production, touring plans, and standard pushing with Mirror Minded partner Qzen, both having gained representation from The Konspiracy Group.
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