Sinking Deeper E.P. (my third E.P.) - all styles of D&B


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This is good work, has potential. Each tune is different enough for it to feel varied as an EP, but not so different that it becomes disjointed.
I'm not sure the 'one tune from each sub-genre' thing comes through, dnb is a lot broader than just what you've got here. It's a bit like you've taken every genre and sort of diluted it with 'normal' dnb, but that's what holds the whole thing together, it'd all be too different otherwise.
Maybe the snare in the first track is a bit dominating? Could use one with a shorter tail?
Sound design is pretty good, no faults there.
I feel like maybe a bit more variation is needed between sections: maybe a sort of ABAB... structure might be better: keep the same bass lead and drum sounds, but get them to play different notes and rhythms.
Just my two cents... let me know if you agree with me or not.


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cheers for the detailed feedback.

i didn't mean one tune from each sub-genre. just that it has elements from jump-up/dancefloor, liquid and tech. but i get your jist. i've tried to add my own style to each track, while keeping them individual, so hope that worked.

thanks for the tips, put up an extended version of Forget. still working on them atm.