Sine Language & Legion Present "Signal of Design EP"


Signal of Design is a term used by NASA for messages that originate from outer space that respond to messages sent out from Earth, messages which are deemed as only being made from other signs of intelligent life. Legion's debut EP rings out like a transmission from deep space with it's sci-fi textures and heavy neurofunk influences. The pace of the EP is set with the sleek and driving roller, A New Earth. A New Earth starts off with a lush cinematic soundscape that gives way to a huge rude pulsing bass line and infectiously heavy beats. For the second track Legion teams up with US production legends Kaos, Karl K, and Jae Kennedy AKA Koldfront for the massive dancefloor anthem, Elektro. Elektro opens with an epic sci-fi pad intro reminiscent of War of the Worlds unleashing a huge bass line and big beats that rain down on the listener from above and lead into a breakdown at the middle of the track which time warps you back into the old school rave vibes with an updated twist. The third track sees Legion flex their edit skills on the highly technical roller, Good God. Good God creeps in with playful melodies and tearing bass stabs that evolve into a bass-churning, mind-numbing monster that wreaks havoc on your imagination. To close the EP Legion teams up with Toronto based producers NC-17 and drive it home heavy with the rig-mashing, Philadelphia Experiment. Philadelphia Experiment opens with an into that pays homage to the sounds of Konflict and teleports the listener into a gritty rock-influened full on bass line with quick shuffling beats. The Signal of Design EP has been getting massive DJ support from Ed Rush and Optical, Dom and Roland, Dieselboy, Upbeats, Gridlok, AK1200, Cause 4 Concern, Skynet, Mayhem, and more. This is the first of what promises to be many quality releases from Legion and Sine Language Imprint.

a. A New Earth
b. Elektro featuring Koldfront
c. Good God
d. Philadelphia Experiment featuring NC-17

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Worldwide Digital Release December 14th