SINDROME-13.11.09 MCR- Monster X,Michael Forshaw & many more

When: Friday 13th November 2009 - 9pm - 3 am
Where: LEGENDS - 6 Whitworth St, Manchester, Lancashire, M1 3QW‎ -
What: Dubstep, Harsh Electronica, Hard Drum & Bass, Breakcore & Hardcore Techno

After a successful launch night we are back and once again are ready to inject you with a massive dose of broken beats and gut wrenching bass! As you know we always aim to book the most cutting edge artists from the electronic underground and I'm sure you'll agree this is not one to be missed!

Due to too much bass we have been forced to move venues but hopefully we will have found a new home at Legends so bring your ear plugs & we'll see you there.........................................................


Monster X (Peace Off /Bedroom Research)

If you dont know Monster X already then you need to check him out, Sharpish! With a deadly arsenal of twisted beats mangled breaks his live sets are truly inspiring, at The Glade Festival he was being watched by the likes of Venetian Snares and Ebola.Nuff said.

Michael Forshaw (Chan & Mikes/Miditonal)

Phonkin techno on tap from the man whos releases time and time again keep the dance floor rockin, we literally cannot wait for this set and are truly honoured he is gracing us with his prescence. Get ready for a serious ear bashing!

Meatdrill (Sindrome) (Meatsweeper & Drilly Wonka B2B resident special)

An exciting new project comprised of residents Meatsweeper & Drilly Wonka, taking influence from everywhere this set is all their own material which has never been unleased previously, expect the unexpected!

Teutonic Kaboom Vs Smashback (Electrode/Data Trace/Bass Gun)

With quality releases flying about all over the shop Teutonic Kaboom is one of the hottest new artists on the scene, accompanied by Bass Gun head honco Smashback they have agreed to do a special back 2 back set just for Sindrome! We cannot wait to hear what they have in store for us!

Kid Lego (Electrode/Sindrome)

Expect wonky wobby weirdness from our good friend Mr Lego, he will have a selection that will get the whole place shakin to the foundations!!

Kromazone (Sindrome)

Co promoter and 1 part of the 3 driving forces that make up SINDROME, Kromasone will have you Wobbin to the heavy sound of the step, keep your eyes peeled for this man in the future!