[SILKD018] - Integration Now - SN1 & SN2 + Update

Hello All,

We would like to start by thanking everyone for a truly awesome 2010 and best wishes to all for the New Year ahead. 2010 has been a massive year for Silk releasing over 20 tracks and making play-lists of some of the scenes most respected djs,radio shows & labels. What a very big year 2010 has been for the scene as a whole!

Silk’s first offering of 2011 is a new artist who goes by the name of “Integration Now” and he’s currently firing on all cylinders for the labels 17th release. A chemist by trade, “Integration Now” has been cooking up a storm of beats in his studio with releases penciled in for Darkestral and a L.P on the Extent VIP imprint. With downtempo releases forthcoming on one of Dubsteps newest experimental labels - “Solace Records”, it’s clear to see that this young chemist has no boundaries.
Be sure to keep an eye out for future releases on Silk in the coming months and a very special collaboration project in the works.

Integration Now – SN1

Deep moody vibes build the anticipation for this track with lashings of pitched vocal snippets and a sublime vocal chorus that cuts through the layered synth work. Definitely on the more experimental tip, this track will sit perfect in any mix or set thanks to the massive sub that pounds the low notes. This piece of music perfectly sums up the direction for the label in 2011 – Deep & Experimental! .

Integration Now – SN2

Yet another vocal track from “Integration Now”, this one features the talents of one of Brazils newest up and coming vocalists. With a touch of vocoder to make the vocals come alive they blend in seamlessly with the rim styled beats and organic percussion. Strings and haunting pads make the track float along, as the heavy sub provides the monstrous low end which makes this track a perfect fit for the club.

Clips can be heard here - SOUNDCLOUD

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In other news, Silk has forthcoming tracks in 2011 from Bulb, Furi Anga, Forge, Integration Now, Nemone, Mental Forces, eleven8, Dominic Ridgway and many more. Our website and merchandise range is due to be completed in the next few months and our very first compilation CD is in the works.
Peace, and thanks for the support.