Silk Recordings - SILKD004 & SILKD005 Ultracode E.P & m25/Subsid - OUT NOW!

Hello Guys & Gals,

Just a quick update from the Silk Recordings HQ. We know xmas is approaching fast and we have an early xmas present for you a DOUBLE WHAMMY! Yes thats right we have a double release for you and it's just hit the stores. There is an exclusive period for both these releases on Juno and at a very special price so pick up your copies now.
We have forthcoming tunes from Forge/Nether/Hyperion Vision/Bu/M25 & a follow up E.P from Ultracode so stay tuned for more info.

All details are below and make sure to download our new podcast also :)

Thanks for all the support so far!!!

Silk Recordings Digital004:

—-Subsid & m25—-


The title of this track sums it up all in one go. Lush piano chords play a very summery melody with uplifting hooks and soulful string stabs adding to the palette of sounds. Sweet vocals and a rolling vibe that fills out this beautiful piece of music, it all leads up to the sublime sax in the breakdown. This track really does what it says and puts you standing on the beach ready to hit the cool water.

—-m25 feat First Function—-


With a cold eerie pad starting us off, "Cold Feelings" drops into the amazing vocal work of First Function, complemented with a funky but emotional piano riff that plays right into the subtle percussion hits that fuze the sharp beats together.
Thanks to it's sweeping pads and a very heavy low end sub melody this track is perfect for anytime during the day or night.

Silk Recordings Digital005:


The Ultracode Chronicles VOL1:

Ultracode's stunningly executed debut on Silk Recordings, delivers a smashing E.P of beautifully handcrafted future beats. The soundscapes and atmospherics will take you to another world, while the bleeps and slices of raw funk will keep your ears in perpetual motion. Having already carved a niche for himself in the drum n bass genre this e.p is an exquisite piece of work that will keep all the minimal fans begging for more. This is volume 1 so expect to hear more for Ultracode with a follow up E.P and collaborations with label owner Forge.



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