Silent Witness-`Looking Up EP` [Triple Seed Recordings]


Silent Witness returns to Triple Seed with the stunning "Looking Up" EP. A
mind bending display of technoid paranoia and blissed out melancholy.

3.Looking Up
4.Stone Wall
6.Looking Up (radio edit)

1. Overdog

Influenced by a character from a favourite eighties sci-fi b-movie, "Overdog"
kicks things off in rude style with brooding atmosphere and groovy filtered
bass stabs. The thunderous drop reveals the epic neuro bass you were hoping
for, accompanied by the fattest beats this side of the forbidden zone!

2. Scrambler

Traditional three note paranoia follows with "Scrambler". This tune sounds
like it`s desperately trying to run away from itself. Voices and eerie tones
awash, the frenetic pace is augmented with stop-start beats and bass that
screams of "let me out!"
If there was a soundtrack to "mental", this would feature.

3. Looking Up

As an apothecary to the aural violence that came before it, the title
track"Looking Up" provides pure, un-adulterrated serenity. Shimmering guitars,
blissed out stabs, and soulful female vocals contribute to an extremely warm
and affecting experience. Ringing chords flow, skating on softly pulsing
beats, taking you on a melancholic journey towards the light. Play on loop.

4. Stone Wall

"Stone Wall" is a half-time, melody driven, bass vomitorium. Guided in with
elevated pads and crunchy breaks, it eventually snaps and gives way to huge
snaking bass tones that pop through walls of sub. Synth riffs and tech rythms
interplay to form a heavy slug of a tune.

5. Tumbler

Lastly, "Tumbler" is a modern minimal dnb workout with a moody edge. Fat bass
stabs roll around with punchy kicks, while descending lows drive by, crushing
your head. Opaque atmospherics intensify, providing late night atmosphere and
a joyful pay-off.

dj support: Ed Rush, Noisia, Calyx, Teebee, Friction, Bailey , Phace,
Mefjus, John B, Klute, Break, Survival, Prolix, Hybris, more...

Release date: Direct 26th May 14
Beatport/Worldwide-9th June 14

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Release dates:
TripleSeed store: 26th May 2013 (includes exclusive bonus track)
Beatport/Worldwide: 9th June 2013

Silent Witness:

Triple Seed Recordings:

LABEL: Triple Seed Recordings
ARTIST: Silent Witness
TITLE: Looking Up EP
GENRE: Drum and Bass
RELEASE DATE: 2014-06-09
Silent Witness - Overdog (Original Mix)
Silent Witness - Scrambler (Original Mix)
Silent Witness - Looking Up (Original Mix)
Silent Witness - Stone Wall (Original Mix)
Silent Witness - Looking Up (Radio Edit)

from Direct (from label)
from Juno Download
from Beatport
from Digital Tunes
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808 Dnb

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Fantastic release! This is more like the Silent Witness that I fell in love with.

Nice to see he's finally leaving the Dub influenced sounds that he got from working with Survival, as they were starting to bore me honestly.

Also were is Leave You indeed....that's my "city lights" NEED! :teeth:
well every producer needs to keep a few tracks for live performance I guess, he without plays Leave You at every gig so I guess he wants to keep it exclusive. First two tracks on the EP are sounding insane, looking forward to previews for the others


aka OSOI
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Just heard Looking Up for the first time. . . what a brilliant track, way way beautiful, its bite-the-back-of-your-hand beautiful. So mesmerizing and hypnotic and most importantly, romantic. Gonna be in my sets and my personal sensual playlists for a long time.

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