Silent Witness Interview – The Arc Light EP


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Silent Witness is an artist whose reputation is synonymous with a level of artistic output that’s ever innovative and influential. He’s able to expertly create ominous ambiences and nefarious soundscapes comprised of an understated yet wholly absorbing depth.

Something that I found interesting when preparing for this interview was Silent Witness’ rather mysterious online presence. Ok, so he has Facebook, Twitter etc. but in comparison to the usual floods of online content for artists of his renown– Silent Witness’ somewhat enigmatic presence is surprising.

I feel that his web-based subtlety to some extent parallels the aura I get from him as an artist. His social pages aren’t a continuous feed of information and promo, and he may not be an artist instantly evident on the surface of drum and bass, but that doesn’t matter. There’s a level of producers of varying stylistic output whose influence is fundamental to the foundations of the genre. It’s when you get to this level that Silent Witness’ widespread musical influence and contribution, past and present, becomes indisputably clear.

An example of which is his role in the transition of ‘neurofunk’. 2002 – 2005 saw Silent Witness, Break, Cause 4 Concern and a few others stand out as principle pioneers in what became a prominent underground movement and a distinct progression and revival in the sound.