Silent Union - Mineshaft

Really excellent sample choice, using, processing etc. Nice and funky like. Something about the intro doesn't feel like a build to me - you may not care. DJs will.

When the guitarish line comes in I feel that it could use some more realism (enveloping to give it more character of attack, release, like a real instrument)

Again, those hats are brilliant - I would usually hate a hat that dominate on the snare but it's OK.

Overall it is not my cup of tea - however you've captured a psychedelic DnB sound much more successfully than I ever have. Mine always ended up sounding like plain super cheese. You are seriously flirting with some silliness here IMO.

Don't like the note material in 2:12 - 3:00. LOVE the 16th note trancey business up to the end of the track. Long notes in the synth much too hot in the mix though. you know the "boowhooooooa-eeeeeeh!

All in all great stuff. Killer synth writing/processing. Killer drum sample variation and manipulation. For folks that are curious just tune in to that groove at 1:28 & 5:08!!! It's plain sick.

LOL, I just noticed that the kick is on 1 & 2...I've tried this before - the fact that I didn't notice it at first bodes well for you but I'm curious about your reasoning. Was it to keep the hypnotic half-time vibe going?
I agree with you about the intro as something in the back in my head told me it wasn't enough. I'll definately go back to the song in a few days and try and work on that area some more.

As for the kick on the 1 and 2, I can't even remember that process entirely, but I do remember putting it in to go with the bass. I wanted the bass enphasized on the 2nd note every now and then just to add more flavour. The kick did just that. It's how I roll really, just trying to figure out what beats are to be emphasized. It's all about flow.

I will also take a look at the 2:12 with fresh ears. I'm not going to promise to change that part. Maybe lower the synth volume a bit. ;)

Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate any feedback, positive or negative. That's how we get better after all.


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Actually really diggin this one mate!

As Lucider said the intro is lacking something. I must admit when I first heard it I wasn't sure what to expect. Once the tune got going though it is so funky, has great melody and I actually really enjoyed it!

Do something with the intro to make it sound a little more complete and you've got yourself a thouroughly good track! :)