Silent Dust - Relic / Jaskin & Uneven - Safe Edge EP

Apr 29, 2018
Hello all!

Got some none60 things to share!

It took seven years for us to release a second album, you may have wondered why or you may not have cared but this is the answer to why it took so long! Relic is a collection of experiments, ideas and drafts that for whatever reason never quite got the finishing touch.....

You can also buy it on cassette, because, why not?

Let's be honest, the definitions around what is an isn't an EP have blurred somewhat recently. Why they've blurred I couldn't really tell you but I can tell you that here at none60 an EP has to meet this criteria - 1) It has to be good (hopefully great!) and 2) it should be 4 or more tracks!

2 or 3 tracks is a single.... I'm all for change and bucking trends but you can't be going around calling a single an EP.

Anyway, you all want to know about the music, so here we go! The boys wonder Jaskin & Uneven should be no strangers to none60 fans so it made perfect sense to have them kick off our run of EPs to close out 2019! This is the first artist EP on none60 and what an EP! From the hypnotising synths of "Again", the room shaking bass of "Signals", the slapping snares of "Fiction" and the acid workout of the title track "Safe Edge" - this is pure forward thinking Drum & Bass!

If this EP isn't enough then look out for more Jaskin & Uneven on the none60 LTD sub label later this year!

Jaskin & Uneven also took over the podcast!


Between oceans and mountains
Aug 27, 2015
Both of these releases are sick, especially the Jaskin & Uneven EP. It’s right up my alley. Also, I completely agree about the EP thing. Two songs is NOT an EP! Haha


Hiding in a box
VIP Junglist
May 22, 2012
A MGS2 sample of Raiden talking with the AI Colonel . Cool as fuck and a great start for me to a track as a MGS fan. Will have a proper listen tomorrow. Hypno sounds great.
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