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When The Babylon R Dead
Ez now all junglistik creature my name is Earthgermz aka RC stylee
been reppin dnb for ten year's now. Started on the mic @artcentre colchester for a dj Desire in 98 i was fifteen and forced to do it by a mates older brother i shat my pants got a back hander and got told to do it how i did at the partys so thats what i did for the next nine years. reprazented ukbassradio with bassknights aka midnight resistance aka terraformer tonyx n onslaught also did with onslaught. Repped Mystery fm for a year with gripper n fletch.
After all this mashup bizness with microphones and the whole lifestyle of this particular master of ceramonies i pretty much decided one day i wanted to make tunes because i didn't fee alot of what was being now i go by Eathgermz mixing dubplate sets in abelton and spitting over the top like a one man band usually @panel nights or who ll ever let me loose on there rig check out some dubz @ peaz