Sigma MiniMix @ Annie_Mac's Mashup, 24-04-2009


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Barwick Green (The Archers theme)
Adam F - Brand new funk
Ed Rush and Optical - The Kindrid
Sigma - Front to Back
Sigma - The Jungle
Moving fusion - Chilli Pepper
swift + Fresh - Play me
Dillinja - All aboard
Chase and status - Smash TV
The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die (C+S RMX)
Dillinja - south mans
Subfocus - timewarp
Lomax - Artisan Vip
Dizzee Rascal - Fix Up Look Sharpe
Dizzee Rascal -Sirens (C+S rmx)
DJ Fresh - Heavyweight
Ray Keith - Dark soldier
Dj die - special treat
Peshay - Miles From Home
Roni Size - brown paper bag
Renegade terrorist
Ray Keith - Out there (Twisted Anger rmx)
High contrast - return of forever
Adam F - Circles
Johnny L - Back to your roots
Andy C - Night Flight
System - Near miss
Scorpuio - LILI
Ray Keith - Lighter 2007 rmx
Taxman - the circle
commix - be true
Brookes Bros - Tear you down
Logistics -together
Clipz - Loud and Dirty
Sigma - All Blue
Mist - Outta Space
Sigma - Paint it black
Chase and Status - Take me away
Sigma - Something special
Chase and Status - Streetlife
Total Science - Whats my Code?
Dillinja - All aboard
Sigma - Baltimore
Calibre - drop it down
Sigma - Nexus
Dillinja - Friday
Moving fusion - Chilli Pepper VIP
this is one of the best mini mixes ive heard its up there with the zinc one from last year. prefering the switches into a double drop or mix rather than just tune after tune.
Here's a mini mix I did, it is all mixed & runs like a very short set. A labour of love one summer as I had to record it all from records at the same speed & layer in Audition. I don't have beat matching software, otherwise I'd have done more ;)

Total Science – Defcon 69 (Metalheadz)
High Contrast – When The Lights Go Down (Hospital)
Pendulum – Slam (Hold Your Colour LP – Breakbeat Kaos)
The Prodigy – Voodoo People [Pendulum remix] (XL)
Sub Focus – Bluenote (Frequency)
High Contrast – Racing Green (Hospital)
Q Project – Ask Not VIP (Advance//d)
Logistics – Together (Future Sound of Cambridge EP – Hospital)
Unknown – The Bizness (Re-Bound)
Nu:Tone – Seven Years [Matrix remix] (Hospital)
Verse & BC UK – Half Life (Crunch)
London Elektricity – Hanging Rock (Power Ballads LP – Hospital)
Logistics – The Trip (Weapons of Mass Creation 2 LP - Hospital)
Blueskin ft. Cleveland Watkiss & Singing Fats - Hold The Moment (Club Sessions Part 5 EP – Liquid V)
Mathematics – Sphinx (Social Studies)
Breakage & Jubei – Harvester (Emcee)
Breakage & Jubei – Still There (Emcee)
D Bridge vs. Calibre – Hot Flush (Exitvs.)
Nucleus & Paradox – Delphian (Esoteric)
Calibre – Go Back To Go Forward (Second Sun LP – Signature)
Photek – Knitevision (Form & Function LP – Virgin)
Amit – Roots (Commercial Suicide)
Amit – Immigrants (Bingo)
Digital – Termite (Innerground)
Digital & Spirit – Phantom Force (Phantom Audio)
Basic Operations – Caulker Sunrise (Advance//d)
DJ Die – Play It For Me Part II (V)
Cyantific – Reincarnation Dub (Hospital)
M.I.S.T. – Outerspace (Soul:R)
Capone – Friday (Hard Leaders)
Jenna G + Chase & Status – In Love (For Lost Friends LP – Bingo)

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