is it jsut me or is this tune just a big rip off of tc's style of beat? its a good tune but it has all the components of a tc track
Some nice sounds in there but i'm not feeling this one myself despite me being a fan of Sigma.
I think this is a snippit from the drum and bass arena podcast mix that sigma did recently. Its a pretty good one. :)
It is a good tune!
Sorry if that's too obvious!
did anyone hear them on fabio's radio show at one point they fucked up a mix real bad a proper clanger that makes you cringe was jokes but all they did was promote there own tunes... well i guess i'd do that if being broadcasted around the country
this tune is ok the first time you hear it but its well repetetive and like EVERYONE is saying hes jacked TC's sound so hard.
that bass sounds like something straight out of haterz or tron, and then the drop is wheres my money/get that girl pitched up and down a bit - pure swag.
sigma let the side down on this one methinks
do think its a rude tune but sounds a bit TC. Think that sounds Brutal Electro in massive...oh im such a massive nerd :teeth:
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