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Aug 14, 2007
Re: Thanks for reading

While he was away, this thread reached 2,000 posts in (7 days all together) and with Evil King J still not here Ryanultimate decided to pass the thread to a great person named At35. runescape goldHalf way through his thread, Evil King J returned (with a brand new computer ). Quality Posters 5 Reached 2,000, and Ryanultimate had thought of great ideas for the thread! runescape gold And therefore took over once again and with very good updates Ryanultimate’s thread reached 2,000 posts in no time. He wanted Evil King J to create Quality Poster #7, so he did. A few theads later, the thread was handed over to Maditator, runescape gold who sucessfully held the thread until it maxed out. When it was time to choose who to hand the thread down to, he chose Vipers02, however Vipers02 never got around to creating it. Half a year later, this thread was back, and run by Vipers02. When it got close to maxing Vipers asked me to take it over and I said yes. runescape gold I am the proud creator of the 13th version of Quality Posters.

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