Label Sidel - Lost in Time + REMIXES out now on Scarcity [SCAR23]


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Oct 17, 2009

Sidel & Dallean - Lost in Time
Original + Perpetual Present, Metachemical, Monojoke, Twisted Remixes
Catalog: SCAR23
Release date: February 28th, 2011
Label: Scarcity Records ( )


Some of the reactions:

Kultur + Colombo (Metamorph Muzik) - Favourite Track: Monojoke Remix, Rating: 3/5, Comments: Great melodic trancey breaks! Support from Metamorph Masterpieces show (Mixcloud) in the next weeks and also in our live sets.

Duane Barry (Digital Sensation UK) - Whooooooa this is my type of music! Really great to see Metachemical do something again I'm a big fan and this is a nasty fucker of a remix with wonderfully placed melodic synth stabs and I'm also a big fan of Monojoke's production and his dreamy interpretation is great too. The original is an awesome ah fuck it the whole release is ace! Full support from me!

B-Phreak (Dusted Breaks, Dead Famous) - I really liked the Original, but my favourites are the Metachemical and the Perpetual Present remixes. Top release and full dj-support!

EK (Dead Famous, Scarcity) - Excellent release man with top remixes. My picks are the Monojoke and Metachemical remixes.

Line of Sight (Morphosis, Scarcity) - Wicked single. I couldn't pick a favorite as all tunes are AWESOME! More stuff like this, please!

Abdomen Burst - Really massive release! All tracks are awesome, I like the dirty sound. I pick 2 fav remixes for me - Monojoke and Perpetual Present. Full support!

Yanix (Ridiculoud Rec) - Original for me! Cool melody and has a nice drive to it, liking the nice filtering sounds as well. Very cool track! The Metachemical Remix is nice as well. Bassline is pretty cool. Lots of cool sounds throughout this one as well. Good stuff.


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