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    After a little help off the producers on here once again.
    Ive been trying to make the sub bass thats quite common in neuro/tech/dark dnb. It seems to be the driving force of a lot of tracks, and has a lot of movement and rhythum to it. But I cant seem to crack the style. I have a few examples of the sub im trying to achieve below. (or maybe its not even a seperate sub and its the lead with the frequencys split?)

    I can make a standard subbass layer no problem, so i use the patch I have and put some notes in the piano roll. Ive tried side chaining with my drums, or with hi hats, or just kicks or just snares etc etc. Is sidechaining even the right technique to create this kind of movement on the subbass? or should I be trying something else altogether?


    @ 1:29

    @ 1:50

    @ 1:07

    @ 1:52

    Any advice/tips appreciated. Im using FL if thats important, although if you have ways of doing it in cubase/logic etc if you explain how youd do it in your daw im sure I could work out how to translate that into fl.

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    Side-chaining is just one element to get the movement going, filters are also very important, low/hi/notch/band bass all have their part to play, everything needs to roll together, takes practice, there are lots of ways to get the sound, one of my favorites it to use a Side-Chain compressor, with a fast release, and a side-chain filter, with a slower release, side-chained to the kick with a fairly low wobbling dirty bass sound, and ur half way there, best to keep the sub layer seperate, although not essential
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    listenin to them tunes above, whats the active element thats bein used in the sidechain? ive tried side chaining dnb with the kick on the bass but didnt sound that special

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    is the main bass stab on this tune sidechained with the background bass sound?
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    Yea this way is pretty cool, I normally side chain a compressor to the a hat/percussive pattern that I dont even send to the main mix, that way you have control over the rhythm and you can add in cool counter points to your beat. I agree with miszt, practice practice practice, speaking of which, that's what I should be doing :p