sidechain compression vst

hi can any 1 recomend me a sidechain thats a free vst also im using vista tryed to get the
but my comp dont reconise it

alrite mate,

can u actualy get vsts that allow u to do that????

if so i want one,

im using an old version of cuebase atm, which i kno sucks balls.

im looking to get logic, i know it allows u to do such a task.

u mean triggering the compression at the same time as the kick yea?

tring to give it a bit more range deffinition.

if that is the thing ur tring to do so am i....
like i said i kno logic allows you to,

if thats with a vst, i dont kno.

im starting a production course in london in the next few weeks,

which holds a guru who knows all! lol
so ill ask him when i eventualy get to meet him.

i know they use logic tho.

u making dnb???
links me sum.

i rearly come on hear, so my e mail is
add me on face book or e mail me or somthing....

safeeee then.

Basically you need to route the sidechain (eg. the kick) and the source to the same channel and select the kick as the "aux in" or what ever your DAW calls it, maybe "in 3-4". This particular VST seems to call it "key input".
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