Sid Fidla James - U Got 2 Know - Finished version


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hmm...not bad mate, not a massive of the style of music so ill try n comment more on the production
from 1:48 it sounds like ur drums have doubled up?

good use of percussion throughout..i think ur intro could with a bit more structure and ur vocals needs a bit more clarity cuz i wasnt sure what was said.
kicks n snares otherwise sound punchy n ur soudns are cutting through the mix well...good sub too (from what i can hear on my crappy phones)!

keep it up tho mate!
Cheers for feedback folks.
To answer some of the points.

@Devz - It's not quite a doubled-up drum line, but close. I put a reversed kick infront of most of the kicks in this tune. Gives it a different roll, which i didnt mind. And yeah, the vocal sample is hard to understand. I've known that tune since it came out in 94, i only just worked out yesterday what she's singing. lol. just how the sample is. for folks interested shes singing 'you got to know how u make me feeeeel' :)

@Fishy - Could be a bit thin. Start deffinately is. after drums double up though i think the spread is ok myself. tried putting an extra line in the second part and just muddied things up, so figured its about there. could probably use some more EQing. But to be honest I've got bored of the tune now, so figure is fine as it is. Cheers for the opinion though, will have aother listen to it with that in mind.

@Quentin - Cheers man, next tune is a proper 'gangsta' track. lol.