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Well heres some more for ya.... (its not amazing but it does the job) check out DnB forum tunez, also Cowards beware mixed with.. Cowards beware :D:D sounds sketchy....

1)Pleasure - Black Magic
2)D Minds & Hazard - SuperDrunk
3)Hazard - Machete
4)Pendulum - Masochist
5)Scorpio - AAA
<<<Hazard - Wonkey Donkey
<<<P!ker - Exterminated
<<<Hazard - Busted
6)Hazard - Killers
<<<Surge - Ohms Law
7)Zen - Double Bubble
<<<Die - Driver
8)DJ SS - Good Friday
9)TC - Driver
10)Hazard - Talk Like A Girl
<<<Pleasure - Wizard
<<<Mutated Forms - Stonefaced Murderer
<<<Sc - PigFucker
11)Die - Slow Burn
<<<Hazard - W9
12)Pleasure - The Cube
13)Original Sin - Gangsta Shit
14)PA & Mutated Forms - Hitback
15)Pleasure - Dead Man Walkin
<<<TC - Ho
16)Taxman - Original Ninja
17)Sc - PigFucker
<<<Pendulum - Bacteria RMX
18)WoodPacka - Stupid Sandwhich
19)Hazard - 0121
<<<Militia - Music For The Masses
20)Devize & 3A - Shady Hitman
<<<J Majik, Wickaman & Hype - Rollin It
21)Hazard - Cowards Beware (X2 Mix)
22)nuTEK - Problem
<<<Hazard - Fuck HQ
23)Bad Company - The Nine
<<<Clipz - Smash
24)Dillinja - Take Me All The Way
and if thats too much for ya, heres my chill mxi i did a few months back. i like it so much myself i thought i'd post it again.

1)Lynx & Kemo - Carnivale (Soul:R)
<<<Icicle & Nymfo - Shadows Of Tomorrow (Critical)
2)Lynx - Reverse Engineering (Soul:R)
3)Alix Perez - Resolution (Shogun Audio)
<<<Source Direct - Two Masks (Science)
4)D-Bridge - The Haven (Exit)
<<<Sabre - Eye Contact (Renegade Hardware)
5)Nucleus & Paradox - Descendants (Paradox Music)
<<<Baron - Long Shot (Access)
6)Seva - Legion (Secret Operations)
7)SPL - Nihil (Lost Soul)
<<<SpectraSoul - Tube (Shogun Audio)
8)Cyantific - Serpent (Hospital)
9)PA & Origin - Krazy Ideas (Music Hertz)
10)Lomax & Focus - Five Weeks (Bingo Beats)
11)Alix Perez - Inferno (Soul:R)
12)Sabre & Icicle - Sentry (Renegade Hardware)
13)Resound - Second Thoughts (Secret Operations)
14)Vapour - Brain & Body (31)
<<<Pleasure - Little People (Red)
15)Benga & Coki - Night Zinc Remix (Tempa)
<<<Mesh - Close Encounters (Lockdown)
16)Hazard - Skankers (Frontline)
17)Le Lutin, Digital & Generic - Phantasy (Function)
18)Alix Perez & Lynx - Allegiance (Soul:R)
19)Skitty - NLP (Project 51)
20)Lomax - Metal Flange (Co-Lab)
21)Icicle & Nymfo - Franky Mountain (Ram)
22)SpectraSoul - Adoration (Nu Directions)
<<<Icicle - Minus (Shogun Audio)
23)Sabre - Endless (Critical)
24)Blame - Batcave (Charge)
25)Telemetrik - RUR (Black Sun Empire)
26)Lynx - Beware Of Oscars Lair (31)
<<<Alix Perez - Stray (Shogun Audio)
27)Hazard - Trouble Maker (Playaz)
<<<High Contrast - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Jonny L Rmx (Hospital)
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second link up. not sure why your tune sounds quiet nuTEK?

[Politrix];323710 said:
nice geez, will be interesting hearing the cowards beware mix , ho!
don't get your hopes up.
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