Sick Elektrik - 'Got Your Picture’

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    State Records

    Release Date - 10th December 2012

    The beauty of the artwork for this release perfectly sets the mood of its music. Sick Elektrik are on a whole new level of form at the moment. Their deep, sexy, groove filled sounds reverberate through your body, in through your pores, into your blood and into your soul.

    Add in a sound system capable of delivering quality baselines and this track will transport you into the insides of house music, house music that stays true to what it set out to be... Melodic, soul filled, passionate and sexy.

    Released on their own imprint 'State Records' on December 10th exclusively to Beatport, this is one you just simply need to own.

    Listen to the preview here -

    If hearing one track has got your aural taste buds tempted, tune into their latest podcast here -