Shy FX - Murderation (Who Runs Tings?) remixes

A pair of tunes that are sure to get people asking for the rewind everytime. If you've been out lately you can't fail to have heard someone drop this as the ragga vocal is so catchy and sing-a-long's are inevitable. The Jungle mix is pretty far away from actually being jungle as the bassline wouldn't sound too out of place in a Distorted Minds tune and the beats are steady but predictable. It would have been better to have written a couple of b-sides and released this as two seperate 12's as the two tunes appeal to different sectors of the jungle community. It's the vocal that really carries the tune in both mixes and it's the Tear Out mix that does the damage on this record. Chock full of Dillinjaisms from the hi hat intro to the bruising bass this track is just heaviness incarnate. The amens sear the sky and the snares are given extra bite as the track progresses. All in all a solid release which is sure to please Shy FX's fans of old after his recent R'n'b meanderings.