Shut Up & Dance MIX..Wicked Rave madness!!

Oct 21, 2008
alpen west
this mix has been posted on discogs, almost a year ago.

but its getting 'a new life' , so i thought, lets get this one in , for starters..;)

oldschool stuff, mostly 90-91-92

Rum & Black - Wicked
mixed with 2 Bad Mice - Hold It Down
Ragga Twins, The - The Truth
Noise Factory - Warehouse Music
Phuture Assasins* - I Like Techno
Rum & Black - Wicked remix
MI 7 - Show 1
Shut Up And Dance* - Autobiography Of A Crackhead
Ragga Twins, The - The Mixed Truth
Codine - Heaven & Hell
Urban Shakedown - Do It Now!
Shut Up And Dance* - The Green Man
Codine - Holistic
Shut Up & Dance - Derek Went Mad (Remix)
MC Jay J & Devious D - Time Of Our Lives
Noise Factory - Noise Factory
Rum & Black - Slaves
Global (2) - No Boundaries EP
Lab Technicians - St. Vitus
Rum & Black - ESQ
Ragga Twins, The - Wipe The Needle
Ratpack Searching For My Rizla
Haywire - Let Me Be Your Fantasy
Ragga Twins, The - Spliffhead
Return Of The Living Acid - Get Funky!

72 minutes mp3.

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