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Jul 7, 2003
ok so i have my tonearm height at 5, tracking force at 3, anti skate at 0...
they sound great, and they dont skip easily... but my tonearm weight is almost all the way to the end, i'd estimate there is only 1 maybe 1.5mm from the farthest it can go.. did i balance the tone arm wrong? i had the needles on and put the weight till the needles were perfectly parallel, then zero'd the dial, and added 3 grams tracking force... if i put it down to 2.5 grams, it skips way more, but 3 is just right.. only problem is i wanna make sure im not putting too much weight on if i didn't balance them right... any thoughts? also anyone have tips on adjusting the overhang etc etc?
another thing i noticed, is the left needle skips really easy, while the right one takes more time to skip.. whats the deal? they are all exactly the same settings?
look I can't help you with this cos ... it sounds like you got it okay to me.

One tip though, at the very back end of the tone-arm is a little silver bit that screws off. I don't know what its for, but taking it off helps stop any skippage.

I am assuming you have Technics, the bit I'm talking about is at the very top of this photo.


also I think the overhang should be in line with the edge of the headshell
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