ShuffleMind - Industrial EP (OUT NOW)

It's available from today on Beatport the first EP from ShuffleMind – “INDUSTRIAL” launched by PROMO AUDIO RECORDS (Br). A work that demonstrates the entire production potential from this emerging artist in the new wave of Brazilian drum & bass. Produced 100% in Ableton Live, it's notorious in the 5 tracks a strong bassline, always accompanied or by mesmerizing vocal's, or minimalistic melodies or a dry kick always appreciated by drum & bass listeners. It's a drive of about 25 minutes by Liquid and Neurofunk with a very unique and original style.

We can say that in a well-defined production style, the sound designer ShuffleMind has influences from Noisia, The Prototypes, Makoto, Maduk and it's this unique production style that led Promo Audio Recordings (Br) to publish and support the artist.

The EP came out on a limited edition of vinyl disc and it's already sold out. This format is a continuous bet from Promo Audio all the releases will always have a Vinyl limited edition because Promo Audio knows the importance of this format to the electronic music lovers and collectors.

The Brazilian drum & bass begins to give his steps in a different area than we are used to. There is material for all styles of dnb and ShuffleMind and Promo Audio are the living proof of this.

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