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Apr 2, 2009
has this guy stopped producing? liked his stuff, not seen any releases for about a year

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Ez Flobbydobby,

Nice of you to notice i had disappeared lol. Had an extended break from producing but am back now in my new studio making plenty of beatz.

Here are a few i'v been working on. Got loads i'm currently working on as well and will also be dusting off shredded beatz and releasing stuff on that probably after the summer.

There will be more tunes up on my soundcloud within the next week as well ;)

Tom Shredder
Cheers mate. Just getting the ball rolling again really. Abit rusty to say the least. Just put 3 new tunes up there the other day as well ;)
pardon if this is wrong thing to ask,its not my bussiness but I wonder why talent like yourself had break from production? if I was you,I would be making tunes everytime I can till my 50s
shreeder getting amongst it again, big producer, dangerous is still a beat, shame you're a united fan though lol
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