Showing you how I made my Metalheadz tune "Baretta" [video]


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Nov 22, 2011

Hi friends.

I have just published a video about a Metalheadz song of mine, “Baretta”.
It was the first song of mine that Goldie picked. It came out on my Black Label EP on Metalheadz Platinum.

I’m running you through the song in Ableton Live, showing the sounds I used, talking about the song sections, sound choices, song structure choices, what makes a good Headz tune in my opinion, how this song happened – also why it got picked up at exactly the right time for me etc.

Hope this helps some Headz-minded musicmakers out there.

PS: I help producers worldwide with their songs and offer help and critique regarding mix/production, song structures etc., and also offer Ableton-specific tuition, so should you need that, get in touch directly or thru my Patreon.
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