shout to all producers

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    Time for the tunes you produce to be heard worldwide. You made them we will play them!!!!
    Shout out to all producers
    Eze All,
    I have a radio show on Sundays 9-10am-pm, I will be running a show every other fortnight on up and coming producers worldwide. So all you up and coming producers out there this is a chance for your Tunes to be heard by listeners. Please PM me, or send by post, upload to my server, details below. Alternatively place links on this thread to either your tracks websites or Mp3 clips. Remember I may not get back to you striate away but keep sending tracks. Send your tracks to
    DJJAYBEE TSM Communications
    unit 130
    61 wellfield rd
    cf24 3dg
    Upload your tracks to
    please contact me on
    Also check this out

    Project run by

    I am looking for djs that have experience of using computer based dj/mix software to assist in the design of a an external hardware controller. Basically a USB/MIDI deck that can be plugged into your mac/p.c. Any level of experience/ or musical style is welcome in order to create a diverse user group. I want your thoughts/ideas for your ultimate deck !! All correspondence will be made through e-mail and you will be sent pics of proposed concepts etc for your evaluation. If you are interested please e-mail me at

    Cheers Alex

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