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Feb 21, 2011
Hey everybody,

first off, I'm german, I'm drunk at the moment and my english is kinda broken anyway.

So.. Where do I start?
Ahm.. My biggest problem is my self-assurance when it comes to music production. I'm hardly a perfectionist and trying to keep my self at least at 250%.
In case, I made some thoughts about how other artists would act. Is it normal to produce just one good thing in.. don't know.. 3 Months or something? (that would be 4 years or something to produce an album :D) I'd say that I'm seriously a creative mind, but sometimes I doubt.
Okay, one reason that my DnB isn't at the max level, is, that I've started with HipHop in the early 2000s, did a bit of relaxed Techno, Progressive (Deadmau5) House and came then to DnB, that was maybe 2 years ago. Especially my general knowledge in DnB is weak.
And on top of that.. my age. I'm 25 now and I think it could be too late to start a serious career as producer.

Well, that's not a stupid troll-thingy, that's a serious topic for me and I'd like you to answer like that :)

If you wish to make your own opinion, I could upload some of my projects to Soundcloud e.g.

God bless,
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mr meh

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Oct 17, 2010
Hull, UK
You shouldnt come into music production expecting to make a career out of it imo

I'm older than you and only got into production a few months ago, and i dont feel im 'too old' for it. How can you be too old to make music?

I dont expect to make a penny out of music. I'm learning music production because i want to, not because i expect to get rich and famous out of it! If i do make some money out of it then great, but im not expecting anything.

I wouldnt say no to a label deal or anything, but at the same time im totally not expecting it, just look how many good producers there are on here who aint even close to being signed!


Aug 6, 2009
im not quite sure what exactly youre asking, but it seems only you can answer it. do you enjoy making music? do you want to make some music? pretty simple.

Mr Fletch

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Aug 6, 2009
Essex, England
Personally I think if you have to come here and ask if you should bother making drum and bass then the chances are you probably shouldnt bother.....

If you like the music, and enjoy producing then why not? And I wouldnt bother taking it so seriously either, chances are you may never get signed, so calling it a "career" in drum and bass is a bit weird.

All of us here, are here for the same reason, we love drum and bass, and enjoy our hobby of writing drum and bass. But it is just that, a hobby. If we make some money here and there from a digital release then thats a bonus..

Oh, and I'm 32 this year, started writing drum and bass about two years ago, and recently been contacted by a digital it doesnt matter how old you are...
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