** Short VID from 1st date of DJ Vapour, Jungle drummer and Fozz Legacy LIVE show **

vapour 36 hertz

May 17, 2009
Legacy LIVE - DJ Vapour, Jungle drummer and Fozz

Performing tracks from the forthcoming DJ Vapour LP - Legacy aswell as classic DJ Vapour material and exclusive tracks for the LIVE show


Little 2 min mobile phone clip from the first gig of the Legacy LIVE show for Bassment Vs Resonance @ Sub 89 in reading last friday

every note and drum beat is played LIVE by human hands

no playback, triggers, click tracks

track being played is DJ Vapour - Sting in the tail

The whole show was filmed and recorded so we will have a proper showcase vid in the next couple of weeks

next stop Aparture in Cardiff Fri 4th march
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