Shopping at big Retail Outlet parks

Discussion in 'Waffle' started by Radius, Nov 22, 2008.

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    Fuck man I hate shopping at the best of times but when your talking nike , puma, ben Sherman, levi, etc etc all in one place, I had ot go, but I reckon even the most hardened of shoppers ( ie the females out there) would have hated shop after shope oh boy its drained my soul...
    got to say it was worth it though half done my c word shopping and walked out with new Nike Trainers, and some Puma Combat type things ...and nearly pucnched some prink out in next. His bird pretty much shoulder barged me out teh way, so I mildly put it as "I believe the words you were looking for were excuse me" ..pretty mild
    so dick goes "did you say something" ( orginal huh)
    So I reply "Was I talking to you prick"
    He is "no but what did you say say" to which I replied " Fuck off prick before I cave ya fucking skull in " ( ok so not the most original quip) which is where he retreated, and everyone else suddenly grew some manners...damn why you gotta get ugly with people these days before they decide they prefered you when you were being polite ? ?
    Ha ha

    Then tunred round and realised everyone I was with was no longer there, and had dragged their kids outside, and were most unimpressed with me... ah well. Told them I hate shopping, now you know why.