Shokunin, Tolstoy and Gonzo Lyricism – An Interview with MC Sense


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It’s impossible to deny the contributions made to the scene by the underground veterans such as SP:MC, DRS and Stamina but the last few years have seen an emergence in artists blurring the boundaries between MCing and poetry touching upon a wide variety of subjects, anywhere from politics to science, from love to religion. These guys have almost paved the way for an era of more intelligent drum and bass and for me personally there are none better than Sense MC.

With a flow that would put fear in the deadliest battle rapper, Sense MC has carved a prolific name for himself over the years with this his brutally honest and thought provoking rhymes. As a solo artist and one fourth of Fathom Audio, Sense has always challenged the normalities of drum and bass. Whilst a good MC is known to show respect and work alongside a track Sense seems to take it one step further, penetrating your brain with intricate storytelling giving the music an entirely new dimension.

If you’re only just discovering Sense MC then you’ve got a hell of a lot to catch up on. With years of service on both legal and pirate radio stations, countless live sets with just about every artist in the game, appearances on drum and bass TV stations such as Trailer TV and DNBTV plus a number of incredibly successful releases as part of Fathom Audio, Sense has proven himself as a force to be reckoned with.

With all this in mind, I’m sure you can only imagine my horror and utter disappointment when hearing of Sense’s imminent departure from the scene but, luckily enough, it seems I wasn’t the only one. After being inundated with offers from just about every big drum and bass organisation in the game Sense is finally receiving the recognition he deserves, and with his first (and now, hopefully not last!) album due to drop it couldn’t have come at a better time. We caught up with the man himself to see what’s been going on . . .

Yes Sense! Thanks for joining us today, especially as things have really kicked off for you lately, it must be a real whirlwind! I remember reading something on social media not too long ago about your decision to bow out of drum and bass, I know I speak for everyone when I say how relieved we are that you changed your mind but can you shed any light on what happened between then and now to make you have the change of heart?

Things changed basically. As they tend to do. It was a combination of factors, the main one being that I was given the opportunity to represent Metalheadz on the world stage.....