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ShockOne's new album Universus is now available to pre-order. If you buy the CD from our Viper Shop you get the album for free on MP3 so you have a digital copy and can get it right away on street date until your CD arrives in the post. We also have T-shirt bundles, which also include the album on MP3. We have set the iTunes pre-order price at a discounted rate of £5.99 - after street date the price goes up to £6.99 (the same for other county stores on iTunes as well).

01. Singularity (The Monochord Of Creation)
02. Chaos Theory
03. Harmonize
04. Home (Feat. Reija Lee)
05. Big Bounce
06. Lose Control
07. Crucify Me (feat. Phetsta)
08. Universes (feat. Phetsta & Reija Lee)
09. Lazerbeam (feat. Metrik & Kyza)
10. Infinity's Silence
11. Relapse (feat. Sam Nafie)
12. Age Of Enlightenment
13. Light Cycles (Prelude)
14. Light Cycles

Label: Viper Recordings [VPRLP005]
Released: Monday 29th April 2013

Universus Album Bundles available to buy in the Viper Shop:
CD + Black Viper Logo Shirt + MP3 Album Download - £22
CD + Black Viper 'Diagonals' Shirt + MP3 Album Download - £22
Black Viper Logo Shirt + MP3 Album Download - £20
Black Viper 'Diagonals' Shirt + MP3 Album Download - £20
CD + MP3 Album Download - £8.99
MP3 Album Download - £7
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Excellente Timothy! looking forward to this

I would love a FLAC+T-Shirt Bundle, think this is an album I want in maximum quality :)