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i liked shock one till i found out he burns off all of his tracks at the same bpm when he plays live... doesnt beat match at all.. think u can watch him to it on his dnbtv167 set!
Who cares, most artists make their tracks at the same tempo anyway... Why encumber yourself, just facilitates mixing. I understand what you mean and I do not encourage prepitching and this kind of stuff, but DJing is more than playing two tracks at the same tempo, anyone can do that.
All High Contrast tunes are 173 beats per minute for example

yeah but thats tracks by the same artist..

i mean shockone gets everyone of his, and other artists tracks and burns them off at the same bpm so when he plays a live set he doesnt have to beat match..

thats a joke if you ask me!
Hi guyz!

Firstly hope you dig the tune.

Secondly: MILLA you are 100% full of shit :D I don't pre pitch all the tunes I play. Not that I have to justify myself one iota, however 90% of the tunes I play are written at 174/175 1 bpm = a very small pitch variation of a pitch fader (if you are a dj you would understand this already.) I hope this news ensures my return to the super beat matching wonderland of high morals and self righteousness that fanship and patronage.

Thirdly: Could I recommend a lifestyle that involves less time studying other people's work practices and deciding whether they are doing their job up to your standards, and more time concentrating on things that make you happy.

love you. xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxo
HA! Gold.

To be fair on CDJs beatmatching new tunes is possibly as easy as wiping my arse, there'd be no point in pre-pitching the tunes.

Blending old ropey jungle tunes on a set of dodgy 1210s now that actually takes a little concentration.
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