Shock One - Polygon feat. Reija Lee

Huuuge! The EP full release is STILL not in shops though! Can't wait to get this.
the break befor the drop is a bit like: spor - aztec
chopped up vocals a lá danny byrd & brookes bros - gold rush

ummm noo
i think its got lyrics 'this woman, this woman' in it
i know this is vague..
Haha Riisu when I texted your show the other day I said it sounded like Screamer. It definitely does, although they would probably sound awful mixed.
Was showing this song to a friend on the weekend , and she's like "is this screamer?"

I was thinking more danny byrd vocals with gold rush synth

ps. Pretty sure his sister did the vocals if anyone cares
I bought this ep a while back on promo and its definatley worth it! this is the stand out track on the ep 4 me.
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