shit's going down...


Taken from DOA

Indivision = idiots
Firstly, check this post on Indivisions facebook fan page, begging their fans for money (they deleted this status as soon as Tim Viper merked them):

Secondly, check this AIM chatlog Camo (mainframerecs on aim) had with one of the Indivision guys (who didn't know it was Camo)


upzvupz (20:46:09): hey
upzvupz (20:46:41): you are not interested in 'game over'
upzvupz (20:46:50): netsky has played it out quite a bit
upzvupz (20:47:03): he said it's sick

MainframeRecs (20:48:35): interested for what you mean?

upzvupz (20:49:07): 'game over'
upzvupz (20:49:10): krooked
upzvupz (20:49:15): sent you :P

MainframeRecs (20:49:34): yea
MainframeRecs (20:49:39): i listened thanks:)

upzvupz (20:50:01): so not interested yeah?

MainframeRecs (20:50:13): its the snare from culture shock surprise?

upzvupz (20:50:21): haha
upzvupz (20:50:23): nah
upzvupz (20:50:33): we doing all sound ourselves

Transfer complete: Indivison - Untold Words v1 [UNSIGNED] aim upzvupz.mp3 8:51 pm

MainframeRecs (20:51:11): not really into the melody in some parts of the tune
MainframeRecs (20:51:14): 2.12
MainframeRecs (20:51:18): the filtered one
MainframeRecs (20:51:20): is bit off

upzvupz (20:51:33): hehe

MainframeRecs (20:51:42): but getting better overall

upzvupz (20:52:07): we are coming big no matter what

MainframeRecs (20:52:14): ?
MainframeRecs (20:52:32): u mean ure fight your way up`?

upzvupz (20:52:34): or not coming at all

upzvupz (20:53:30): we come big or we quit making music
upzvupz (20:53:46): seems like we are getting big
upzvupz (20:54:02): we have an album deal on toolroom

MainframeRecs (20:54:03): well dont make music to become abig, and dont do that before u even have first 12" out:)
MainframeRecs (20:54:11): hehe nice

upzvupz (20:54:21): haha
upzvupz (20:54:38): we have released 12"
upzvupz (20:54:42): on hab
upzvupz (20:54:49): like camo&krooked

MainframeRecs (20:54:51): ok, thant doesnt count
MainframeRecs (20:54:51): :D

upzvupz (20:54:57): yeah?

MainframeRecs (20:54:57): i ve released there too
MainframeRecs (20:54:59): hehe
MainframeRecs (20:55:07): bout 2 years ago

upzvupz (20:55:11): well you haven't relased on toolroom

MainframeRecs (20:55:26): hehe nope, why?

MainframeRecs (20:55:44): if u have the album offer go for it no question:)

upzvupz (20:56:19): faithless, fedde le grand, deadmau5, benni bennasy etc
upzvupz (20:56:24): netsky
upzvupz (20:56:28): lenzman
upzvupz (20:56:30): dj die
upzvupz (20:56:33): :)

Transfer complete: Indivision - Takedown v3 aim upzvupz.mp3 8:57 pm

upzvupz (20:57:28): we are getting signed on bbk

MainframeRecs (20:57:45): yeap thats great

upzvupz (20:57:58): indeed mate

MainframeRecs (20:58:16): but you should talk big after you amke moves not before:)

upzvupz (20:58:35): we will not talk to you after
upzvupz (20:58:36): :)

MainframeRecs (20:58:46): you re serious?

upzvupz (20:59:04): bbk, hospital, ram, shogun, viper

MainframeRecs (20:59:10): i have to save this conversation and send to krooked, awesome

upzvupz (20:59:15): these our goulgs
upzvupz (20:59:28): goals
upzvupz (20:59:41): yeah, sorry to bother you

MainframeRecs (20:59:47): yea ggod luck with that then

Transfer complete: Indivision - Do Not Jump V1 [UNSIGNED] aim upzvupz.mp3 8:59 pm

upzvupz (20:59:51): I sent krooked
upzvupz (21:00:02): to play the tunes out
upzvupz (21:00:08): I'm happy

MainframeRecs (21:00:11): no probs, m just saying you should reach that goals before talking big:)

upzvupz (21:00:20): that he is sending them out

MainframeRecs (21:00:21): yea thats cool, they are getting better
MainframeRecs (21:00:29): he just sends me
MainframeRecs (21:00:33): as we share all the tunes

upzvupz (21:00:41): voo
upzvupz (21:00:46): coool

MainframeRecs (21:00:56): and as he tolme ure using the surprise snare, to proof it to me
MainframeRecs (21:01:20): because we hear the surprise snare in a lot of tunes at the moment

upzvupz (21:01:20): ?

MainframeRecs (21:01:37): a snare that sounds like from the culture shock tune surprise

upzvupz (21:01:53): yeah, for sure
upzvupz (21:02:35): tell him
upzvupz (21:02:40): and let' see
upzvupz (21:02:47): you little fucker
upzvupz (21:03:42): we haven't sampeled anyone
upzvupz (21:03:48): you fucker

MainframeRecs (21:03:59): yea no probs
MainframeRecs (21:04:07): i said it sounds like
MainframeRecs (21:04:25): witht he sample packs from vengeance u get good snares

upzvupz (21:04:25): well, tell the politzei

MainframeRecs (21:05:09): dude, dont get angry at me, i dont know you and you dont know me.and im more the friendly type, and told you the tunes are getting better

upzvupz (21:05:29): yeah, they do
upzvupz (21:05:43): but we are not copy cats
upzvupz (21:05:57): so fuco off

MainframeRecs (21:06:01): well yea i dont care man:)

upzvupz (21:06:02): fuck
upzvupz (21:06:10): cool
upzvupz (21:06:17): gppd
upzvupz (21:06:21): m

MainframeRecs (21:06:24): where u from?

upzvupz (21:06:30): f
upzvupz (21:06:39): somalia
upzvupz (21:06:42): good m
upzvupz (21:06:49): night

MainframeRecs (21:07:23): wasnt a nice conversation, sorry for that, didnt want to insult you

upzvupz (21:07:40): well, you did it

MainframeRecs (21:07:47): not really

upzvupz (21:07:53): yeah

MainframeRecs (21:07:55): i said the snare sounds like the CS ones
MainframeRecs (21:07:59): and it does

MainframeRecs (21:08:04): i didnt say u sampled
MainframeRecs (21:08:10): whatever

upzvupz (21:08:28): yeah, we sampeleded it, do a thread on doa
upzvupz (21:08:46): cheaters!!!

MainframeRecs (21:08:58): nah man, its all good, just treat people with more respect and dont tel the fucker

upzvupz (21:09:01): btw we dodm
upzvupz (21:09:10): dimd't dp ot

MainframeRecs (21:09:27): yea i know its all good, its a good snare u have:)

upzvupz (21:09:57): yeah, just sampeled in your opinion

MainframeRecs (21:09:59): oh by the way

MainframeRecs (21:10:10): what i diodnt recognise
MainframeRecs (21:10:16): ure talking to mainframedub
MainframeRecs (21:10:23): its camo here from camo and kroked
MainframeRecs (21:10:34): i once did the A&R for Mainframe
MainframeRecs (21:11:04): i have this aim running aswell

upzvupz (21:11:20): okay

MainframeRecs (21:11:29): so watch out who u call a fucker

upzvupz (21:11:37): I will not send any tunes to you

MainframeRecs (21:11:51): i said they are getting better
MainframeRecs (21:11:53): anyways
MainframeRecs (21:11:54): thats cool
upzvupz (21:12:34): yeah, we are thje best estonian artist
upzvupz (21:12:56): better than mutated forms


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inb4 18 pages of animal facts and goatse pictures.
wont happen, i dont think.

said it once on their fb and will say it again here, despite i said im never gonna say anything more about it :D

imo he must have been drunk or something and apart from that, everyone makes mistakes, so an honest apology is needed and he should keep his head low and let the other 2 do the talking from now on and everyone should get over it.

not a clever thing to do and not a good attitude tho..

has been a top bloke whenever he was on here.


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i didnt read alot of it give me the idea of what its about?


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Fucking lol! It would have to be more than a tshhh noise to get any sympathy from me. Not a single drummer ever got a penny for the hundreds of break samples people use and we wouldnt have dnb at all if it weren't for the sampling ethos so bare lulz a gwarn...


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In short: Indivision asked ppl to donate 150 euros to buy new audio interfaces for their production (rewarded by 2 free tracks after the fund raise is complete), then went crazy about "only" 50 euros so far received (SHAME ON YOU FANS, YOU DON'T PAY US) and had a wonderful conversation with Camo about getting big, signed by every major label, having an album released soon and bitching about everyone else sux. In fact there's no need to read it, but it's kinda funny, so I would recommend it, if you have any spare time.


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camo = legend
upzvupz = douche lol.. Im sure it was just a mistake and all will be ok. Its not gangster hip hop.. know what i mean.


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camo on the candid camera flex. i will never be buying anything from indivision, self-important pricks


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Anyways I think Indivision might just have been trying to get on Commercial Suicide, if you know what I mean.