Shitmat!chevron!the teknoist!dj bruna! Thurs 8th july manchester

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    May 14, 2004
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    Shitmat!!!!!Chevron!!!!!!!!!The Technoist!!!!!! Dj Bruna!!!!!!!thursday 8th july!!!!!!!!manchester!!!! at zumbar on oxford road opposite the bbc. notmusic are presenting this gig and s.o.t from notmusic will be playing along with batfinks(hippocamp) and Dj Bruna the well respected Brazilian breakcore dj(toxicdancehall) - gabba/breakcore/drumnbass/jungle. there will also be live vjing from err#r and eefee and simply put, this will be an awsome night! tickets are 5 pound and will be available on the door. aaaaaand more cheapo cocktails(2 quid) so u dont stay all shy and stuff and generally get jiggy with the groove on :twitch: ....some of that..
    any info u want email me at