shifter - dnb

Not bad. That bell is kind over powering when it gets high, though. It's good you're starting to learn how to use everything. The song feels like it cuts into 2 different songs, try to make those bass parts flow better, give them a better transition. Maybe just using a cutoff to rise it in underneath, and have a break with a vocal or some sort of quick beat build up, I mean quick. I do like the synths, but the bass needs a sub with it, instead of just a EQ boosting the low end on the synth itself or if you've got a sub - turn it up a bit, because there's nothing coming through on my sub, haha. But it's not a bad song, it's a good job for your first time taking it on your own. So, good job, man. Keep it comin'!


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I don't like how your song is out of tune with its own sell. That snare is to loud. I think the drums are put together ok. Except the snare is to loud. You got some of the basics down. And for a first song on your own I think it is pretty damn good. Hope this helps(smily face)