[Sheffield] People Under The Stairs / Pendulum / Klashnekoff / TC Evolution


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Grounded and Metropolis present a huge line up for the Friday night session on May 18th to blast you off into the weekend. People Under the Stairs, TC Evolution, Klashnekoff and Pendulum will be on hand to kick start the extra large party shenanigans…

Double K and Thes One are the tag team behind the intricate rhymes and samples of Los Angeles’ People under the Stairs. These veterans of the underground hip hop scene have been operating since the late 1990s and now have 5 albums under their musical belts.

New long player ‘Stepfather’ builds on the likes of ‘Question in the form of an Answer’ and ‘Or Stay Tuned’ with a variety of sounds, theories and equipment on display. Vintage drum machines rub up against hammond organ stabs while live guitars and bass are thrown into the mix for a refreshing, yet distinctly old skool flavour.

Featuring collaborations with P-funk lord George Clinton and Monty Stark (of Stark Reality) this represents a leap forward for PUTS with the inspiration for their rhymes gleaned from looking within themselves and at the troubled world around them.

While their influence on the rise of hip hop and the scene’s development has been and continues to be crucial, on the live stage the chemistry between these men is unstoppable. This will be a master class in taking the party to the next level…

While PUTS have been at the top of the game for years the next mic spitter is a name who’s fast becoming equally as popular within the hip hop scene. UK rhymer Klashnekoff will on hand to give the Americans a run for their money…

This Hackney born rapper has been an undisputed champion of the UK hip hop scene since his ‘The Sagas of…’ debut LP first hit ears back in 2004. Since then his riotous words have burnt through less fiery wordsmiths as he’s blazed his own incendiary path through the underbelly of hip hop.

One of the leading member of the Terra Firma crew, Klashnekoff has always been a mouthpiece for the gritty reality of London’s streets, an articulator of the troubles of our times. He’s drawn on grime, dancehall and ragga as well as hip hop to provide a musical accompaniment to his message on the recently unleashed ‘Lionheart - Tussles with the Beast’ (produced in cahoots with Joe Buddha).

This has been one of the most eagerly awaited hip hop records for years. The anticipation which preceded it’s release is a testament to how popular and well respected the man is. Prepare to be blown away by Klashnekoff’s funkified take on reality…

Kick starting proceedings will be local crew Constant Creation. Together with Hoodz Underground these boys have kept the Steel City hip hop fire burning in recent years. Their long running Fundamentalz night has been at the forefront of the local scene while this early set should be a fine sample of what beats and rhymes you can get round our way. Big up! Big up!

Not to be outdone Metropolis have constructed a line up equally as mammoth for the evening. Australian ex-pats Pendulum are the headliners, playing a DJ set for the bass bin heads with the mic skills of MC Rage on hand to really fire it up.

Since the release of their ‘Hold your colour’ LP back in 2005 this trio of break beat, drum and bass and rock heads have lorded over the d’n’b scene. Collaborations with the Freestylers, remixes for the Prodigy have all spread the word while their single ‘Slam’ even scaled the first defences of the UK singles chart.

As Djs they’re equally as fierce as their devastating live show, which will be headlining the dance tent at Glastonbury later this year. Tagged as the ‘electronic Led Zeppelin’ expect monstrous basslines, synths and anything else that’ll make your knees quake…

Equally as brutal is Bristol’s TC Evolution, a purveyor of forward thinking break beat which’ll snap your ears in two. He’s been already been voted producer of the year by 1xtra in 2007 while Grooverider, Pendulum and Andy C cannot get enough of this boy’s devastating dance floor tactics. His ’Rockstar’ tune (out on his own Dstyle label) is a fine indicator of what kind of damage his live set can do. Huge…

Get on down…

10.30pm til 4am - £8 ADVANCE / Tickets available from Plug Box Office (no booking fee on cash sales)
1 Rockingham Gate (off the Moor) / Over the phone 0114 241 3040 / Online Shop www.the-plug.com

Plug, 14-16 Matilda Street, Sheffield, S1 4QD // www.the-plug.com // 0114 276 2676