Drum & Bass Shakedown Festival DJ Comp - My Entry. Begging for help here!

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    Hey chaps,

    So I entered a DJ comeptiton to open Shakedown Festival in Brighton - and I got through to the last 20.

    The next stage is to come in the top 10 "liked" mixes on SoundCloud - after which it's live heats to battle it out.

    My mix is a Commercial/Dancefloor DnB mix - I felt like a bit of a sell out (Typically Jump-up/Neuro/Liquid man here) but I thought what the hell lets give it a go - and so far its working!

    This is huge for me - it is literally my first breakthrough in 15 years of DJ'ing - and would involve opening up for the likes of Andy C, DJ Fresh, Sub Focus and Nero - some huge names to be playing in the same festival as nevermind the same stage!!

    However I am literally asking everywhere/everyone I know of to help me get through this stage - I find out next Friday whether I am through so until then I need as many SoundCloud likes on the mix as I can get!

    So here is the Tracklist;

    * High Contrast ft Clare Maguire - Almost Human [00:00]
    * Kove - Gone (6am Mix) [1:50]
    * Chase and Status - Time (Memro Remix) [3:18]
    * Deadmau5 - Remember (J Majik & Wickaman Remix) [5:50]
    * Sigma & DJ Fresh - Lassitude (Sigma VIP Remix) [7:18]
    * John Newman - Love Me Again (Kove Remix) [10:13]
    * Chase & Status - Lost & Not Found (Kove Remix) [11:45]
    * Wilkinson feat Iman - I Need To Know [13:13]
    * Brookes Brothers - Tear You Down [15:01]
    * Rudimental - Right Here (Andy C Remix) [17:15]
    * High Contrast - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang [19:23]
    * DJ Fresh - Gold Dust (Vocal VIP Remix) [20:28]
    * Sub Focus feat. Alice Gold - Out The Blue (Club Mix) [22:05]
    * Tantrum Desire - Reach (VIP) [24:56]
    * Mat Zo - Easy (Andy C Remix) [26:21]

    And here is the link


    If you could take the 30 seconds out of your day to go and hit like (obviously listen if you want too :p) then I would be forever in your debt. In fact, throw me a msg on SoundCloud (or on here with your SC account name) and I will go comment/like/listen to everything you have uploaded!

    Ok guys, thanks to anyone who helps in advance and catch you all soon!!!
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    Mix seems to of got a fair bit of attention considering you have 125 followers lol, will give it a spin and a like dude!
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    Thanks Zack, much appreciated!

    And yes, I've had huge support from friends and family and from my fans on Mixify. That and I've been wh0ring myself out a lot!!!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also did not realise that I had put my DOB in this forum - I feel old now hah did not need reminding I turned 30 this year!!!!