Shadow Force - Mindstealth CLIP01


Greenpiece Records
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:wave: Hello Spyform!!!
Heavy track man, dark side!!
I like the ideas and the power of the elements in the tune.
Well made bass n growly synths.
I would add a bit of fx/atmos to the build up to fill it out as it seems a bit bare with just the "Go" sample an the kick.
Also the kick seems a little bit too distorted. Maybe layer a clean kick under the distorted one for some definition.
Well good powerful track, when you finish it send me a 320 an i will play it on the show.
Big Ups!!!

Time Dependant

Jungle Hunter
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Monster alert, monster alert!!! Damn that's got some ferocious elements to it kinda grabs u by the nuts & twists them hard!! Love the wild fills & kick drum build ups, the bass needs to be pulled out of the track more it sounds to flat & doesn't lead aswell as it could, agree the intro needs more FX or a slight melody just to keep it full.
Maybe bring those shakers down a notch in volume as I think that's what might be distorting the bass.

But you got some skills man keep it dark:devilslay