Shadow Boxing 2006 RMX

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    Shadow Boxing - Original by Nasty Habits. Released on 31 Records, Nasty Habits would later remix Shadow boxing and this version is the one most Drum and Bass heads know. Johny L has had the lastest honours of remixing this classic anthem. Here is my take on it. Enjoy!

    heres the link to the track:

    Special Thanks to Bladerunner.

    all comments are welcome!​
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    Isn't strange how its always easier to listen to other people's beats with an unbiased view. I guess we all get too close to our our work!!

    I think you've made this darkstepper lean towards the jump up side of things...that growling horn sound the original uses was what made it so dark. Think you chose a hard tune to remix as although it might be simple, it had a lot of impact.

    I think if you're going to remix a tune you need to keep the original feel, but add something new. I'm not sure if you managed that, but remixing established people's tunes is an excellent way of learning, so ur on the right track.

    The real test is do people want to play your beats ....