SFR - Strictly Wobble


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Hey, hey!

I made a mix a week or so ago for the first time in a couple of years and I figured I'd share ;)

Hope you guys enjoy it, here's a track listing and the link:

NW2 and Cabbie - Pink Socks
Jaydan - After Dark
Nicol And Magistrate - Afraid
Soulpride - The Mule
Dub Foundation - Deceptacons
DJ Pleasure - The Grinder
DJ Pleasure - Sonic Boom
DJ Escape - Fear of the Future
Heist - Don't Understand
Jaydan - Rinse the Selection
Woodpacka - Busy Bodies
Callide - Down to Business
Modified Motion - Magic Man
DJ Pleasure - Black Magic
DJ Origin and P.A. - Krazy Ideas
Rowney - Chatterbox
Nicol and Magistrate - Bill Murray
Dub Zero - Power Gurn
Tantrum Desire - Pace Steppa
Wobble T - Let Me Stay
Woodpacka - Ghost Dog
Tantrum Desire - Swat Team
Lyptikal - Harry the Ginger
DJ Pleasure - Bounty Hunter
Trial & Error - Computer Ready
Mutated Forms - Computers
Trial & Error - Wednesday