SF - Cake


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Apr 8, 2009
Yo dnb headz , got some new 'feel good' track.
Not really a style i can name but deffo not jump up.
You be the judge!
SF - Tripping
*Edit: Changed track title and the track is now streamable :)
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I really like this - when it kicks it it does go abit euro trance though but somehow it works and works well - drums and bass are nice only thing I'd do is add proper vocal hook aswell as that ooh and arrh!! and maybe get a streamed version up and you'll probably get more comments - not alot of people want to download just to check out!!
Thx for the review man, appreciate your effort!
What place can use to stream my tracks?

I prefer not to use myspace for personal reasons.

Again, Thx m8!
Yeah nice track mate. Vocals are brave and in my opinion have worked.
Good track cos it aint followin any crowds right now.
Pretty enjoyable that :)
Sub is cool, drums are ok, although you maybe give them some 'shine' around 6-8 kHz?
Vocals seem to add a lot.
synth line is different, made me think of a wurlizter. I did like it though.
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