Setting up Traktor

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    I have never done digital mixing before. I mostly use CD's now day's with the odd bit of vinyl.

    Anyway, just out of curiosity I downloaded the Traktor demo so see what it's all about.

    In my PC I have an M-Audio Audiophile 2496 sound card and also onboard sound.

    I'm having trouble setting up the Master out and the Monitor out. My speakers go into the main input on my M-Audio, so I thought I would use the onboard as my monitor... apparently you can't do this straight out the box so I ended up downloading AISO4ALL drivers and installed them...

    Then it let me use the 2 sound cards but it doesn't come out right... the monitor sound shit and you can barely hear whats going on.

    Can someone give me a run down on the best way to set Traktor up. I don't mind just using my Audiophile for the sound card, but I don't think it has an input for my headphones...

    Cheers in advance guys!