Setting up my mixing desk


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Jul 10, 2003
I got a soundcraft F1 14/2 on the cheap!!

now i wanna set it up.

i got a emu esi32 and novation bassstation and my decks that i wanna hook up and ofcourse hook my pc up.

The thing i wanna no is wats the best way to hook it all up. I wanna be able to play my decks through the mixing desk but also connect to the sampler. Also i could run stuff out into my synth inputs and sampler turbo card aswell. I dont understand all the aux outputs and wotnot.

God its a bit confusin as its my first mixing desk. Im sittin here with cables rapped around me scratching my head.

cheers guyz goes.....

1) Take the RCA output of your mixer and plug into the tape return of the F1.

2) Main out of sampler to one of the stereo channels, and any other outputs to mono.

3) BassStation to mono channel.

4) Monitor output to sampler inputs. Make sure you take the master sampler output out of the mix when sampling otherwise you will get feedback and will break your ears at high volume!!

The aux sends are used for effects in a loop fashion, where the aux send pot will send an amount of signal to the processor and be returned via a spare stereo channel, or aux returns if you have that facility.

The inserts at the back are used for compressors etc, where the audio leaves and returns to the mixer via the insert point.

Hope this helps :D
yeh this is where im havin a problem.

see my monitor output is running to my computer.

anyway i have just drawn this up in word to show you how my set up is now....

this is what i have. how can i improve it or cut out sum of the mess.

also i cant seem to get the faders to operate on the desk. only the gain on the channels. am i doing sumthing wrong cos the sound seems to play same level wherever the fader is positioned.

yeh cheers buddy but when i but the PFL out nothing plays through the channel? i cant get the faders to work still!!!
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