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Went to a night new night up here on saturday where he played, couldnt work out whether it was me just being tired from working all day or his set was boring, seemed to play a lot of his own tunes with the same twisted bassline. What was he like at Breakneck, guess he was pretty similar. I am not criticising the guy as I had a nice little chat with him at the bar, just not sure I dig his sets

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At Beakneck he was good, but not the best set of the night. I'd never heard him out b4 but you kinda got the feeling you knew what his style would be like b4 he played.
The man is still a master producer & has created his own sound, so I think when he dj's it's all part of the Twisted persona.
Still love Rusty Sheriff's Badge:slayer:


Yeah sayber we all know you love the rusty sheriffs badge :finger: :D - As a producer he rocks, but his sets that ive heard too he seems to not really progress with his tunage - The b2bset with SS he did in miami is killer tho, its got all the trademark basslines, but all the different flavas yah want wiv dnb.

@ Sayber - gimme a shout amigo, i got some nu-shit of mah own id like your opinion on.


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I really like twisted's sets.
I'm not too bothered by Djs playing all their own stuff cos at least it's better than playing the same set everyone else does. Same goes for Devize, always has dubplates of his own stuff that nobody else will have, a quick way to have an original style

But then again I really like twisted's style and buy everything he releases.